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  2. For additional support or information contact your counselor or school principal. 
  3. For district programs and supports, contact our district office.

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Name Title Email Phone Website
Kovacs, Guy Principal 253-571-1700  
Anderson, Joanie Teacher M.L. janders1@Tacoma.K12.Wa.US 253-571-1727 Website 
Beaupain, Cathy Physical Therapist  253-571-1722  
Blatt, Kim Teacher Grade 3 253-571-1730  
Brown, Lawrence Teacher Grade 2 253-571-1683 Website 
Brown-Wilson, Maura Enrollment, Records, Attendance, Transportation Secretary  253-571-1707  
Butler, Danette Office Coordinator 253-571-1734  
Casey, Anna Teacher Physical Education 253-571-1713 Website
Costello, Autumn Teacher Grade 5 253-571-1723 Website 
Cruell, Sydnee Education  Support Professional 253-571-1724  
Cruz, Rosalia HeadStart Lead Education  Support Professional 253-571-1693 Website 
Daray, Rob School Librarian 253-571-1682  
Devine, Beth Teacher Kindergarten 253-571-1692  
Dionne, Mirelle Nurse (LPN) 253-571-1678  
Dixon, Raylyn Nutrition Services Lead 253-571-1675  
Doughton, Trisha Teacher Title 1 253-571-1722 Website 
Duenas, Patrick Custodian (Night) 253-571-1714  
Elmont, Makenzi Nutrition Services Helper 253-571-1675  
Goller, Zanna Preschool Education  Support Professional 253-571-1694  
Gomez, Kristine Preschool Education  Support Professional 253-571-1694  
Grisham, Jennifer Teacher L.A.P. 253-571-1736 Website 
Guerrero, Elizabeth Teacher Grade 3 eguerre@Tacoma.K12.Wa.US 253-571-1731 Website 
Hand, Heather Speech-Language Pathologist 253-571-1698 Website 
Haynes, Maria ParaEducator (Building) 253-571-1724  
Holmquist, Taage Teacher Grade 2 253-571-1689 Website 
Home, Ian Teacher Grade 4 253-571-1721  
Johnson, McKenna Occupational Therapist 253-571-1722  
Khatib, Iman Teacher L.R.C. 253-571-1712 Website 
Kim, Shawna Nurse (RN) 253-571-1708  
Lawson, Blake Teacher Grade 1 253-571-1685  
Lee, Melissa ParaEducator (RISE) 253-571-1728  
Lopez, Wanda HeadStart ParaEducator 253-571-1693  
Marander, Tracy ParaEducator (SpEd) 253-571-1712  
Marnell, Demi Psychologist 253-571-1701  
Nikonenko, Lyudmila Custodian (Chief) 253-571-1714  
Omdal, Madeline Teacher Grade 1 253-571-1687  
Padilla, Rebecca HeadStart Family Advocate 253-571-1702  
Patzer, Kristen Education  Support Professional 253-571-1724  
Quesada, Luz Education  Support Professional (ML)  253-571-1733  
Rainwater, Tiffany Teacher L.R.C. 253-571-1726  
Roffler, Kyle Teacher SAIL (Grades 3/4/5 Highly Capable) 253-571-1732  
Scheidler, Jaime Teacher Kindergarten 253-571-1691  
Scott, Caitlin Teacher Music 253-571-1717  
Seeley, Erinn Instructional Coach 253-571-1686  
Sherry, Windy Teacher Grade 5 253-571-1718 Website 
Smith, Shelley Teacher RISE 253-571-1728 Website 
Tatum, LaVerne Education  Support Professional  253-571-1724  
Wade, Delanie RISE Education  Support Professional, Beyond the Bell 253-571-1728  
Walton, Jazmyne Counselor 253-571-1670  
Watson, Stacy Teacher Kindergarten 253-571-1687 Website 
Weaver, Ciarra Teacher Preschool 253-571-1694  
Zayas, Lizette Teacher Grade 1 253-571-1684 Website 
TBA Teacher Grade 4    253-571-1720  
TBA Teacher Grade 2    253-571-1688  
TBA (Allen) Nutrition Services Helper   253-571-1675