Dress Code

Here at Edison Elementary School, dress code standards reflect pride and dignity and demonstrate that school is a place to study and learn. Our standards, which are conservative in nature, support student safety and promote a focused, orderly school climate. They have been chosen to be consistent, affordable and available. Standards are designed to provide an atmosphere to help students develop the lifelong habit of dressing appropriately for the workplace and not to keep up with current fashion trends. Edison Gear is sold twice a year via online store. ALL EDISON GEAR IS PERMITTED FOR STUDENTS TO WEAR AT SCHOOL AT ALL TIMES. If you have questions about dress code guidelines, please call the school at 253.571.1700 before making a purchase.

Item Color Description
Item Color Description
TOPS (long- or short-sleeve crew neck t-shirts, polo collared shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts) All solid colors OR Edison Gear

* NO logo, words, pictures, visible writing on clothing is permitted— EXCEPTIONS for Edison gear apply.

* NO pinning or tying shirts

* NO rips, tears, holes, or cuts

* NO sleeveless, rolled or cap sleeves

* Must be full body coverage (no sheer or cropped tops)

BOTTOMS (denim jeans, twill khakis or corduroy pants, twill uniform shorts, skirts, jumpers) Blue or black denim jeans…tan, navy or black twill slacks or shorts

* Denim jeans must be blue or black jeans

* Jumpers and skirts in navy blue, black, or tan twill are permitted as long as they fall less than 3 inches above the knee.

* Twill or corduroy pants must be tan, navy blue, or black.

* Denim, twill, or corduroy shorts in navy, black, or khaki are permitted as long as they fall less than 3 inches above the knee.

* Yoga pants, leggings, and tights in navy blue or black may be worn UNDER skirts and dresses of appropriate length or pants.

* NO rips, tears, holes, or cuts

* NO sweatpants, athletic track pants or gym shorts

* NO sagging—all bottoms must be worn at the waistline

FOOTWEAR (tennis shoes) Any color

*Tennis shoes must be worn every day.

* Boots (for rain or snow) are permitted, but student must also have a pair of tennis shoes for PE every day.

* NO dress shoes unless for special school performance or picture day


* NO scented lotions, perfume, cologne is permitted.

* NO lipstick, makeup or beauty products are to be applied or carried at school.

* Nail polish is allowed (if already applied).

* Earrings are permitted.

* Inexpensive watches are permitted (smart watches or valuable timepieces are not permitted).

* NO rings, bracelets, necklaces, anklets or other jewelry (especially if it is valuable)


* Hats, hoods, beanies may only be worn outside for recess, busses, bus stops.

* NO clothing that covers face like masks or full-zip hoods is permitted.

* Cultural/religious exceptions apply.


First page of the PDF file: dress-code-with-pic

This PDF shows the 2019-2020 Edison Dress Code details and images of sample clothing items.